Quattr design

Quattrdesign is an interior design and architecture studio. We work from Kyiv for the whole world. We create clear and comfortable spaces that cannot be attributed to a certain style or era but that you can easily call your own.

Our studio develops interiors for private residences and commercial spaces, as well as designs buildings and complex facilities of varying complexity: from office centers to parks and airports.


We firmly believe that good design should seek to establish connections between people and places, help them co-exist in harmony and complement each other. That’s why we always pay as much attention to functionality as to aesthetics.

At the heart of our work lays the search for the perfect balance between the constraints and possibilities that exist in any project. We are supporters of conscious design decisions that result in an unconscious sense of wholeness and simplicity of the entire design.

We always move from the person to the design, not the other way around. We think about how the objects in our concepts will be use, take into account the lifestyle, taste and character of our clients, and only then supplement them with our own experience and knowledge. That is why you want to live, work or just be in the spaces we design — they are created for people.

The 5% Rule

We guarantee that the final renovation or construction estimate will not differ by more than 5% from what was predicted in the design project. Our clients do not end up having to cheap out and make compromises, because we know the exact cost of purchasing and producing all the components of the project from the start.

Comprehensive offer

We do the design and architecture, and our partners from

and take care of the renovation and construction, as well as the entire range of real estate services. Find and buy an apartment, design an interior and make repairs in it? Buy a plot of land and build a house on it according to our project? Now you can do it all in a single touch.

Multidisciplinary teams

We have a dedicated team work on each project that is not only to come up with a concept and visualize it, but also prepare all the technical documentation and estimates necessary for its implementation.

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